Chris Do Stylescapes

Finally say goodbye to never-ending revisions & last-minute changes.

What if you knew exactly what your client wanted?
You’ve just landed your biggest design project to date. Your client gives you some key words to base your work off of: modern, clean, and simple. Surely, you know what those words mean and what they look like, and obviously the client does, too.

You both talked about it.

You break from the creative brief and get moving. For weeks, you pour your heart and soul into every little piece of this project. You’re confident that this is your best work yet. This is going to blow your client away.

Fast forward to presentation day, and you’re pumped up. You’re ready to watch your client collect their jaw from the floor.

Then they utter the words that punch you right in the gut.

“This isn’t what I pictured at all. This is not what we talked about. What else do you have to show me?”


A collaborative creative process designed to get approvals fast.

Stop Guessing
Speak the same language. By translating words into images, you will get alignment with your clients before you ever design anything.‍

Present Confidently
Lose the rapid heart rate and sweaty palms. Present ideas early and collaboratively to help “scaffold” clients to the end result.‍

Get Approval Fast
This collaborative and easy to use process will help your clients sign off on your work quickly: many times without any
Finding Resources
Build a reference library to easily source imagery from
If you’ve been in the creative field long enough, you know how difficult it can be to source inspiration for a project. In several video lessons, Chris walks you through his approach to building deep resource libraries. You’ll learn how to quickly curate and save imagery from multiple sources.

Building Stylescapes
Design beautiful Stylescapes that get client buy-in
Stylescapes are not your average moodboards. There is a science to this composition that lends itself to incredible presentations. By focusing on The Three C’s—Curation, Composition, and Consistency—you will be able to craft a stylescape that inspires your next steps and allows your client to collaborate at an early stage.

Critiquing Your Work
Learn how to critique your own work like Chris Do
Ever wonder what it would be like to have Chris Do as your Creative Director? Want to know how he critiques work? You’ll get all that and more with several student critique recordings. Chris will help you identify how to improve your stylescapes before the presentation.

Presenting Stylescapes
Learn how to present Stylescapes to your clients
One of the most important parts of the stylescape process is the presentation. Crafting a narrative around your work will help your clients understand and remember what they see. Chris not only explains how to do this, but also shares real-world video recordings of him presenting to clients. You’ll also get to watch other students present their work and get critiqued by Chris.

What’s Included:
Everything you need to get started is included:
Over 6 Hours of Video Lessons
Real Client Presentation Videos
Student Critique Recordings
Stylescapes™ Guidebook (PDF)
Stylescape™ Design Templates
Stylescape™ Presentation Template
Email Scripts & Templates
10 Practice Assignments
Private Slack Channel Access

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