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ATTENTION: If You Sell Health Supplements, Super Foods, Proteins, Keto or Paleo, or Fitness Products And You Want To Disrupt The Market Using Online Strategies The Top 1% Of Elite Marketers Use… Then Listen Up!

“I’m inviting you to join me and my best e-commerce friends and my best clients in Nashville for 2 days… where you will be given ‘secret marketing tactics’ that will cut through the online confusion and attract more hungry customers through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, chat bots, and influencers… within 30 days or less, guaranteed!”

Meet Your Teachers In Nashville

Josh Elizetxe

Done 1 Billion In Ad Revenue by age 25

Got started by working on a public library computer

Spends over a million dollars a month on Influencer Marketing

SEO is not dead! Josh generates millions of free visitors a month and spends 25% of his budget acquiring sites to bullet-proof his brands

Kara Goldin

CEO and Founder of Hint Water, which has received numerous awards for “Best Tasting Water”

Selected among only 10 other women as Fortune’s 2011 “Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs”

Formerly the Vice President of Shopping and E-commerce Partnerships at AOL, where she grew AOL’s shopping business from startup to more than $1 billion in revenue in less than 7 years

Included in Forbes list, “40 Women to Watch Over 40″

The Single Greatest Decision I Made That Helped Launch My Health Supplement Business

My friend,

Years ago, when I was barely starting off as an entrepreneur, after I left college and told myself I wanted to “carve my own path”…

I struggled.

For years I struggled.

I couldn’t “get things off the ground.”

I didn’t know what I was doing…

I felt like I was spinning my wheels.

I felt discouraged almost daily.

And right when I was on the brink of “giving up” and hanging up the ol’ entrepreneur’s cap…

…that’s when this little “event” was announced.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

“Psssshhh… what can I get out of an event??” I thought to myself.

Well, knowing what I know now… I can safely say if I DID NOT make it to that live event… I knew I would eventually get to where I wanted to go, but if I didn’t take the leap and surround myself with proven high achievers…

…I’d be floundering for God knows how long, trying to figure it all out alone, afraid, and paralyzed.

I realized I had to be in a room with people that already figured this out.

I knew at a gut level I had to do whatever it takes to get there.

So when people ask me, “Ed, what’s the single most important factor in your career as an entrepreneur?”

I tell them, “getting to live events.”

What the heck is so great about a live event anyway??

Live events is where like-minded folks come together, understand each other’s difficulties, and help one another solve marketing problems.

Live events is where joint ventures are made and long-lasting business relationships are formed.

Live events are an “answer to prayers” for many individuals who feel they keep putting money into their business… and not seeing a dime back.

Many people may get nervous going to a live event.

They feel “unworthy” or embarrassed or feel intimidated.

I get it.

When I went to my first live event, I didn’t know anyone.

I went all by myself.

Did I have support with my decision?


Matter of fact, my family and friends thought I was nuts and didn’t understand a shred of this “online marketing” business.

But I went, because I remember this bit of advice…

“If someone else is able to do it… Then i knew i could replicate it… I just needed to follow ‘the system’. What i needed, was ‘the system’ and right people to follow.”

You see, one of the biggest concerns that entered my brain at the time was, “what if this event holds the ‘key’ to turning my business ‘on’ and I miss it?

what if this event contained the ‘a-ha moment’ I’ve been searching for… and I’m not there to receive it?”

That single thought paralyzed me for days, even weeks leading up to the event.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore…

I HAD to go.

I bought the ticket, my flight, and my hotel room.

Did I have the money for the event?

Absolutely not.

I had to put everything, including the event, on a credit card.

But I didn’t care because I was committed and open to receiving the answers I needed to change my business and life forever.

A lot of folks will say, “Ed, I’ll go to your event as soon as I start making a few thousand extra a month trying to sell online.”

My answer to that?

“You can’t afford NOT to go to this event.”

It is scientifically proven that you stand to lose more money by “inaction” than “taking action.”

Because what you learn at an event, even just one single piece of advice, can take your health supplement or fitness business from 0 dollars to $100,000 (or more) in less than 30 days.

That pays for the trip, and then some.

And that’s exactly what happened to me.

The advice I received those many years ago, put me on the correct path I needed to be on to launch my first highly successful online supplement business.

If I hadn’t gone to that event, I would have been kicking around trying to figure this whole “selling online” thing out.

Now, I need to be up-front, this event in Nashville isn’t “cheap.”

That’s because this event doesn’t give you surface level “fluff” that you can most likely download somewhere online for free.

The price of the VIP ticket costs $3,323.00 which is a discount for what you’ll be receiving.

You see, I specifically tell my guest speakers to come prepared to give my students the “black belt” marketing know-how.

I want you to learn exactly what these 7, 8, and even 9-figure earners are doing in the health, wellness, and fitness space.

In other words: what you receive could be the exact answer you’ve been searching for that will pay for the price of admission in the blink of an eye.

Matter of fact, I’m so confident with what’s going to happen in Nashville, I 100% guarantee what you learn can be implemented before you leave the event… and start making more money through your online health and wellness business in less than 30 days.

I know it’s possible, because I’m living proof of what an event can do.

I’ll see you in Nashville.


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