Foundr Advanced Email Marketing

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How to turn your simple monthly e-newsletter into a “cash cow” overnight…
281 billion emails are sent… per day! Use this proven 3-part “cookie system” to actually make your subscribers look for and anticipate your email!
Why size doesn’t matter anymore. Only this one thing does…
The “3 E’s” of a perfect email.
Why you’d have to be a fool (or just hate money) to actually believe the “email marketing is dead” lie sold to you by chatbot companies…
3-second “hack” for increasing opens and building connection at the same time!
How to effectively use segmentation and “tagging” to turn your business into a well-oiled machine without losing your mind!
Why “what worked” in 2018 isn’t working as well now and what to do instead!
The absolute must-know metrics if you want to make more money with email.
The reason why nearly everyone is dead wrong about what’s causing spam.
An actual step-by-step automation blueprint for making sales in your sleep. If you have an online business you need to be using this immediately!
The 50/50 “spam formula” to finally getting out of the promotions tab…
How to “predict” (with freaky accuracy) exactly what your customer wants to buy next that’ll massively increase your opens, clicks, and engagement!
And the rest of Jimmy Kim’s 10-year “brain dump” of in-the-trenches advanced email marketing wisdom!

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