Hooman Nouri YouTube Mastery

So, What Will You Find Inside Youtube Mastery?

#1: Creating A Successful Channel
The difference between having 200 vs 8,098,516 subscribers

The Magic Channel Idea: Lock in on a perfect idea, lay a solid foundation, and make sure that your channel grows quickly and consistently.
Getting Rid of Camera Shyness: What to do if you are camera shy, and how to turn your inner world into an advantage.
Youtuber Mistakes: The biggest mistakes Youtubers make, how to avoid them, and how to make people love you from the very beginning.
“The Rule of 6” Strategy: How to structure your videos from start to finish to make the viewer’s experience fun, smooth, and make them go “WOW!”
Lights, Camera, Action: Everything you need to know about video, audio, lighting, and even editing… and why you don’t need a fancy camera to start!
Youtube Analytics: Read, understand, and leverage the data Youtube gathers from your audience to maximize your results!

#2 – Going Viral
The difference between 100 views per video vs 100,000* views per video

Social Mediology: Get 3x, 5x, or even 10x the normal views by understanding the science behind why people share, like, and comment.
6-Point Scorecard: One of my most valuable tools. A scoreboard with 6 important aspects a video needs to have to go viral.
The Science of SEO: Learn how to get your videos ranked higher in the search engine on Youtube so you can get more views & subscribers.
Viral Series Strategy: How I made 1 video that got 2,000,000 views then made 9 more of the same video to get 150,000,000 views!
The Triangle of Virality: I will teach you my secret formula containing 3 important things your video needs to have in order to go viral.
Viral Collaborations: Learn exactly how to find the right channels to collaborate with and negotiating the best deals with them so you both win-win.

#3 – Youtube Monetization
The difference between making $100/month vs $10,000*/month.

Youtube Ads: How to earn as much money as possible from YouTube Ads on your videos and maximize your ROI
Affiliate Marketing: How to find the right affiliate programs, and how to negotiate the best commission for each sale made by you.
Events and Appearances: Finding businesses, events that will pay you money to appear in their business as a special guest.
Digital Products: How to take something you love, and turn it into a digital product that you can monetize by providing your audience value.
Donations: Setting up and online tip jar for your die-hard fans to donate money to you using sites like Patreon.
Sponsorships: How to find sponsors that’ll pay you money to promote their products in your videos / negotiating best price

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