Keith Krance – Everlasting Ad Method Live 3-Day Boot Camp

The 4-Pillar DNA Code of the Everlasting Ad Method
(How we use ONE Good Ad to Turn Strangers Into Customers and Simultaneously Build Massive Brand Awareness and Loyalty…)
How do I get off the hamster wheel of creating constant content on social media?
​How do I create an ad script for my unique situation?
​Do I need to be good on camera to be successful on Facebook and Youtube?
​How do I craft a great hook that grabs peoples attention?
​Do I need to have success stories, authority or credibility to be successful online?
Create a system that turns strangers into customers 24/7 365 days a week while also bringing massive brand awareness & love to your brand
​Follow a proven framework that can be adjusted to fit your specific personality and unique situation
​Call out your Avatar without annoying them or coming off as unauthentic! Most people are doing this the WRONG WAY
​Get coaching from experts in YOUR industry that have an know what you are going through
​How to leverage your success stories, authority, or credibility to PROVE a point!
​Learn why pattern interrupts are not always the best ways to hook your audience
​Stand out from the crowd and stop looking like everyone else
​and so much more…
The Ultimate Flight Plan for Launching a System that Turns Strangers into Customers 24/7-365 and Builds Massive Brand Awareness, Influence, and Loyalty.
​Private Coaching Breakout Sessions Every Day of the Boot Camp with the Coach Most Suited for Your Industry! (Based on Your Intake Form.)
​Intro to the Everlasting Ad Builder Trello Board Tool.
​The Best Target Audiences for Facebook and For YouTube in 2021.
​The Most Overrated Audiences on Facebook and YouTube in 2021.
​The Best Optimization Methods for Dealing with the iOS Update and Winning in 2021.
​The 5 Cold Audience Anchor Everlasting Ad Types and How to Choose the Right ONE based on Your Exact Situation and Available Assets.
​How to Quickly Rearrange Your ACT 1 Ad Building Blocks to Turn ONE Everlasting Ad into 4-8 Different Everlasting Ads.
​​Private Facebook Group with Coaches
​Recordings of all the Live Trainings
​Bonus Trainings, Cheat Sheets, Ad Templates and Examples.